PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water diver course is where your underwater adventure begins!

      In this course,  you will learn the basic principles of scuba diving.      You will learn how to use basic scuba gear and practice safe diving skills in the pool,  then you will show off your skills to your instructor while enjoying four open water dives.


How you Learn It

Open Water Diver courses are normally scheduled for the first two weekends of each month (please call the store to verify schedule).    When you register for your course, you will pick up a PADI Open Water Diver DVD and a PADI Student Crew Pack,  which contains your Open Water Diver Manual.    We request that you watch the DVD,  read all five chapters of the manual,  and complete the Knowledge Review at the end of each prior to the first day of your course.    This gives us a head start in the classroom!

(We also ask that you review with a staff member and complete the medical questionnaire that you will find in the crew pack: any “yes” answers require a doctor’s note to participate in the course)



Classes at Sea Dreams Scuba take place over two weekends:

First Saturday: Classroom Session

Bring: your PADI Student Crew Pack and completed medical questionnaire

First Sunday: Pool Training

Bring: sunscreen, bathing suit, towel

Second Saturday: Open Water Checkout Dives 1 & 2

Second Sunday: Open Water Checkout Dives 3 & 4

Bring: dive log, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, water bottle, and motion sickness medicine (if you are prone to seasickness)


To enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must be:
-15 years of age or older (Open Water Diver)
-10 to 14 years of age (Junior Open Water Diver)
-In good overall health and reasonably fit: you will need to pass a swimming test and a treading test (in addition to completing the medical questionnaire)
-comfortable in the water


elearning allows students to complete the classroom portion of the course from home or while traveling

prices are per person plus tax, and includes course materials, SCUBA ( bcd, regulator w/ computer, tanks & weights ) equipment, and boat fees

students will need to provide their own snorkel equipment (mask, fins, and snorkel)

mask, fins, and snorkel packages are available

discounts offered if currently enrolled in a Sea Dreams Scuba course